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Hello and welcome. I'm Thuraya. 

Pronounced: th (u)-ra- ya

I am a soon to be VCU Brandcenter graduate. My M.S. degree is in business with a focus in branding and strategy. In my opinion, being a strategist is the ability to figure out people, and how to connect brands with those people, which is a never-ending job. I come from a multi-cultural, bilingual, and dual-religion household, so understanding people is something I have a lot of experience with.


My past work experience spans from my job as a freelance makeup artist to being a communications assistant for a local non-profit organization. I also have a passion for volunteering, with previous experience with the Central Virginia Food Bank Meals on Wheels program and helping my mother in animal rescue. This wide range of experiences leads me back to one place-connecting with people. 

For more, download my resume>

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