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TVF India Brand Essence Video

What is TVF India?

TVF India

4 weeks | Brand Essence Video


TVF India also known as The Viral Fever is a platform that produces different television series and movies. The streaming site has over 7 million subscribers and has dozens of original series including their own version of the Bachelor. 

The Misconception:

The Western World often perceives India as they have been shown on TV or Bollywood movies and soap operas. However, India is so much more than meets the eye. It is the second most populous country in the world, the seventh 


TVF India represents all of the different things and walks of life that India has to offer. It shows the reality of young people in India while being represented by people who look like them as well. The platform shows taboo topics about sexuality, religion, and more. 

The takeway:

TVF India is breaking the traditional stereotypes by showing the reality of many Indians. This is yours, India. This is all for you. 

The team:

Shannon Gerety-Strategist

Marnie Abraham- Strategist

Payal Pereira Voiceover-Strategist

Thuraya Al-Wazzan-Straegist

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