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Brand Campaign // Qualitative Research // D&AD Awards 

Take the shame out of fast food.

The Ask

The Challenge

The Conclusion

My Role

Use fresh language to tell people that Burger King's menu is 100% real.  

Fast food (and Burger King) has a not so hot perception.

Take she shame out of eating fast food with Burger King's new brand identity of not using anything artificial in their menu.

Researched fast food in the U.S

Learned about people's thoughts on fast food

Helped with concept ideas

The Brief:

For Burger King, real ingredients means nothing from artificial sources. Some countries have laws in place against using words such as 'real,' 'natural,' or 'no preservatives'. Think of ways to evoke quality and freshness without using these words. 

Consumer Truths:

  • Young fathers are the most common fast food consumers - due to convenience and price

  • People have to main responses to Burger King: "gross" and "whoppers

The Insight:

Burger King takes the brunt of the fast food stigma, but doesn't have the brand strength like some of it's competitors to make consumers ignore it. 

The main theme that is true of all fast food experiences:



Remove "fast food shame" associated with the food itself, but more towards the unnatural ingredients used.

The Concept:

bk burger wrap.png
bk fry box.png



The Shameter is a fun take on a loyalty or punch card and incentives customers to try the real food at Burger King instead of the other fast food.


To read the TV Script we wrote click here.

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