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Cause Related Creative Campaign // The Case for Her + Refinery 29 // D&AD New Blood

The Ask

Reposition menopause as something affecting people of all ages and explain how its absence from mainstream media is detrimental to women, trans-men, and non-binary people. 

The Challenge

The Conclusion

Society is overlooking menopause because it makes them uncomfortable. 

Untitled design (5).png

Utilizing Refinery 29's 29 Rooms tour, we created a star-studded lineup of comedians, doctors and ambassadors to end the taboo and stigma surrounding menopause.

My Role



Campaign Strategy

Concept Creation


Women have rights of passage like when they start their first period, or bare a child, but for many menopause can feel like end the road. While women may discuss menopause with their doctors or close friends, many still feel alone.


Untitled design (9).png

We thought of what could be a unique way to get more people talking about menopause


The insight:

Humor removes the barriers between the head and the heart.

There is an unspoken societal norm that makes no topic off-limits with comedy and entertainment. 


We can make menopause a key item and bring the topic to light. Since menopause is affecting millions of people every year, the issue is not just for her. We can allow open conversation to share experiences in order to empathize with others.

Campaign Strategy:

End the cycle of silence around menopause, one laugh at a time. 


It is time to let everyone else in on the joke. 

The Creative:

Website Landing Page & Mobile App Mockup:

landing page ,ock.png
app screen mock.png

The website for the tour will be an extension of Refinery 29 and serve as an entry point for the public to learn more about menopause, the tour, purchase tickets along with the application to help plan their trip.


event mock.png

The tour will feature different sections in the 29 Rooms with stand up comedians, doctor visits with local healthcare organizations for cities in the tour, community discussions, games with couples and men and will involve ambassadors from Refinery 29 + The Case For Her. 


Out of Home:

doc2 (2).png
mock2 (

The out of home ads will be featured in doctors offices & OBGYN's in cities featured on the tour as well as other high-traffic areas such as bus stops, shopping malls and more to gain attention for the tour.  

Social Media:

Social media will play a large part in gaining attention about the tour and menopause as a whole through being featured on Refinery 29 and the celebrity comedians featured on the tour.

jane2mock (1).png
wanda2mockup (1).png


The merchandise will be sold on the tour, mobile app, and website as a fun way to keep the conversation going.

fan mock.png
merch mockup all together (1).png


The pamphlet is an informative takeaway with resources and helpful information.


The team:

Kenzie Storrier - Art Director

Monica Roebuck Copywriter

Bianca Naidoo - Creative Brand Manager

Thuraya Al-Wazzan - Strategist

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