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TVF India Brand Essence (1:26)

The Ask

Write a manifesto and create a brand essence video to showcase TVF India, an Indian streaming platform that produces shows and movies that pushes the societal boundaries for the youth in India. 

The Result

We showcased how TVF India represents all of the different things and walks of life that India has to offer. TVF shows the reality of young people in India while being represented by people who look like them. 

My role: co- script writer and co-editor  |
The team: Shannon Gerety, Marnie Abraham

Poetry Project - Once The World Was Perfect (1:52)

The team: Thomas Freeman, Shannon Gerety
My role: co- planner and co-editor  |

The Ask

Find a poem and create a visual story including voiceover that creatively represents that poem. 

The Result

We were assigned this project shortly after Covid-19 struck. We selected a poem that would demonstrate the transformation of "Once the world was perfect" and where we ended up now with environmental damages and Covid. 

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